Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A Million Voices for Change

UNISON nationally, is running "A Million Voices for Change" campaign. We want to see changes that put people before profit and public interest before private greed.

Public service workers are on the frontline of dealing with this recession - helping people in financial difficulties, guiding people back into work, creating new opportunities through education and training, dealing with increased rates of homelessness, family breakdown, and mental health problems.

The regional "Local Government Matters" campaign is a part of the wider Million Voices for Change campaign that cuts across the whole of the public sector, including the NHS; police; higher and further education; probation and CAFCASS.

We want to make sure our members get the support and the resources they need to help people through hard times and lay the foundations of our economic recovery. That's why we are running the Million Voices for Change campaign.

UNISON has more than a million members delivering essential services to the public. Services that protect, enrich and change lives.So if you are UNISON member, or just a concerned member of the public sign up now - add your voice to our million voices for change

Friday, 7 August 2009

Why Join A Union?

It is self evident from this blog why anyone working in local government should join UNISON. It's easy see the problems we face in the coming months, but it's also worth reflecting upon the things unions have achieved over the years.

UNISON colleagues in the West Midlands region have produced a video to enter into a TUC competition. Click on the YouTube link to see the video - and if you like please leave some comments. then tell your colleagues, friends and neighbours to watch it. Hopefully they will then understand what unions have achieved and how they have benefited from the battles that unions have fought.