Saturday, 6 February 2010

Council spends £350k on consultants to help them save money!

Supposedly hard up Notts County Council who are cutting £33m of services are spending £350,000 on consultants to tell them how to save money. This is a pretty unbelievable story and lead Regional Head of Local Government, Ravi Subramanian, to write to The Nottingham Evening Post to say:

"When I read the Post article saying Notts County Council was planning to spend £350,000 on consultants to tell them how to save money I had to check my diary as I thought April Fools' Day had come early. UNISON has already told the council, for free, many ways they can find up to £28m to prevent the proposed savage cuts.

If Cabinet member for finance Reg Adair has lost the copy of the letter I sent to chief executive Mick Burrows last week, I am more than happy to send him another copy. The council could save over £40,000 by scrapping the extra cabinet posts the Tory administration created when they came into power.

They could also save a further £90,000 by not appointing the spin doctor, sorry communications director post they recently advertised."

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