Monday, 5 October 2009

Boris defends bankers

In a recent speech Boris Johnson defended the bankers who were the prime cause of the economic crises we are now in. It's perhaps not surprising that a man who makes so many gaffes could be so out of touch with popular public opinion. If anyone had forgotten, Boris has given the country a timely reminder that the Tory Party's primary aim is to look after the interests of their friends in the city over anything or anyone else.

Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman Lord Oakeshott said: "Boris Johnson is the unacceptable face of capitalism. He wants low taxes and light regulation for the bankers who brought Britain to its knees and 'compassionate cuts' for everyone else."

The country is in a financial mess because of the greed of a few - and it is for this reason UNISON launched its Million Voices for Change campaign demaning social justice, good jobs and quality public services. If you've not signed up yet - please do.

The East Midlands region had its own regional launch of the campaign this weekend at the Branch Officer Training Weekend where over 100 activists were being trained. The campaign was kicked off with a fantastic group photo of the activists, their families and UNISON staff. The photo will be posted up on this blog and the Million Voices website as soon as we get a copy.

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