Thursday, 15 October 2009

How low can they get?

Today, Notts County Council sent out a letter to all staff telling them there would be cuts to their terms and conditions which they will say will save £2.9m a year. The letter, from Chief Executive, Mick Burrows (who was on holiday in Egypt at the time) said "the proposals in this letter have been shared with the trade unions as part of the formal consultation"

FACT 1 - the first UNISON knew of this letter was on Wednesday evening when the Nottingham Evening Post got hold of a leaked copy of the letter and contacted UNISON for a comment.

FACT 2 - the contents of the letter were never shared with UNISON before it was sent.

FACT 3 - the county council told the media that the unions were going to be briefed on the proposals on the evening of 14 October.

FACT 4 - no such briefing ever took place

FACT 5 - this morning UNISON formally advised the council that they were misrepresenting the sitation and asked for them to issue a retraction.

FACT 6 - Kay Cutts, Leader of the Council appeared on Radio Nottingham at just after 5pm and said that the information had been shared with the unions.

How can anyone have faith in the council to manage anything effectively when they continue to misrepresent the truth?

Why is it that home care workers, teaching assistants, librarians and other hard working council staff are being asked to pay for the mistakes of the greedy bankers who caused this recession?

One of the first acts of the newly elected Tory administration at Notts County Council was to create extra cabinet posts for their cronies adding £168,000 to the cabinet wage bill. It is outrageous that they create lucrative cabinet posts for themselves whilst cutting the terms of the people who actually deliver the services.

The council spend £19m they on agency workers which is the highest figures for any council in the East Midlands. If they implemented some proper management controls they could easily save at least 10 per cent, which would go a long way towards the required £2.9m saving.

We fear that this is an attempt to soften up our members before the council attack jobs and services. Read more about the proposals on the Nottingham Evening Post website. UNISON members should rest assured the Notts County UNISON branch will be mounting a vigorous campaign against these outrageous cuts. Watch this space and the branch's website for more info.

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