Sunday, 8 November 2009

Lincolnshire County Council turns its back on council run care homes

Lincolnshire County Council recently announced plans that mean there will soon by no council run care homes in Lincolnshire. Under the plans, the eight remaining council run homes, would be closed and private voluntary sector homes would be provided instead.

The local UNISON branch criticised the plans saying the county council is shirking its responsibilities and the proposals would make private care the only option for the elderly. Commenting on the proposals, John Sharman, Lincolnshire County UNISON Branch Secretary:

"Over a period of years the county council has divested itself of all direct care provision. "We will certainly be getting involved in the consultation period and putting forward the views of our members."

Where would you prefer your relatives to be looked after - in a council run care home with well trained, well motivated staff with good supervision; or in a privately run home that exists primarily to make a profit?

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  1. Having seen both... the latter please.