Friday, 6 November 2009

That leaked Notts County Council Budget Cuts Report

Here is a link to the leaked Notts County Council budget cuts report.

It is frightening how savage these cuts are - there can be no doubt that the most vulnerable in our society will be hardest hit. A measure of a civilised society is how we look after the most vulnerable in our communities. It is clear that the Tories have no desire to create a civilised society. Go to page 22 onwards to see the details of the cuts.

All of this from a Tory administration, who, as one of their first acts when coming into power, was to create extra Cabinet posts for themselves, all at an extra cost to the taxpayer of over £140,000. Now they've feathered their own nest, some of the other things they are proposing to do are:

- increase community care charges from £8.80 to £12.00 per hour
- increase the cost of meals in residential and day care services by over 50%
- increase home to day care transport charges for service users by 86%
- reduce welfare rights provision by 33%

This is just a small snapshot of their budget proposals and of course this is this will hit the most vulnerable the hardest.

While she was dreaming up these savage cuts over the past few months, Tory leader, Kay Cutts was enjoying the benefit of a £11,000 refurbishment of the ruling group's corridor including a new wooden floor in her office to replace a carpet that was reportedly only a year old.

We know where her priorities lie.

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