Monday, 5 April 2010

Spoofing Notts County Council

Weve blogged before about the £28m of cuts of cuts at Notts County Council. In our letter to the Chief Executive outlining where the council could find over £28m, one saving we identified was not to appoint to the Service Director Communications (akaspin doctor) post.

It seems the council are stillspinning away. They have now set their e-mail system up so that every email has a picture with a council logo and the commentsproud of our past, ambitious for our future at the end of it.

As the mydavidcameron site showed this sort of spin is ripe for spoofing. Some wag hasamended the councils graphic and sent it in to us. The amended version is at the start of this blog post.
We think the spoofed image tells the real truth about the council much better than the original.

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