Thursday, 29 April 2010

Over 400 angry UNISON members attend demo

This lunchtime, well over 400 Nottingham City UNISON members attended a lunchtime protest against the council's unjustified attack on terms and conditions. This fantastic turnout is a reflection of the widespread anger that is felt.

Several UNISON members got up and spoke out against the cuts and said the council was dishonest in sneaking in the cuts under the guise of Single Status.

Members of the public came to ask what the demo was about and once it was explained to them most were in support. One person commented it was unfair of the council to attack staff when the council has spent well over £1m paying off three Chief Executives. We can't argue with that.

The demo showed the strength of feeling and the council will surely now have to listen and reverse their proposals. If they don't, they can expect the branch to step up the campaign, which will include industrial action if necessary.

UNSION General Secretary, Dave Prentis has today written to all members of the council's Cabinet to express his anger at the proposals. Dave has said "it is wholly unacceptable to bully staff" and that if the council do not reverse the proposals he will ensure UNISON will "fight these cuts by any means necessary."

It's great to know UNISON members have the support at the very highest level of the union.

To keep up to date on what is happening go to the branch's website here.

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