Sunday, 17 January 2010

Conservatives think UNISON are running a good campaign against cuts in Nottinghamshire

Ravi Subramanian, Regional Head of Local Government, wrote an article in the Nottingham Evening Post a few weeks ago showing Notts County Council that they did not really have to make £33m of services cuts as UNISON had found over £24m for them.

Grassroots Conservative website Conservative Home, seems to have got a little upset at his suggestion of a responsible approach to Council Tax, calling for a modest 3% rise to help protect vital services for the most vulnerable in our communities in these very difficult times.

All predictable stuff, but the best part was where one of the Tory supporters on the site commented:

"I live within Nottinghamshire................ UNISON is running a fairly high profile campaign in the county"

It's always great when an opponent thinks a campaign is being well run. If he thinks the campaign is "fairly high profile" at the moment, wait until he sees what we have in store in the next few weeks - watch this space.

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