Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Leicester City Council to cut £19m

Leicester City Council have reported that they will be making £17m of cuts and cutting up to 270 jobs. We can't give a detailed analysis of the budget proposals at the moment as we've only recently received the budget papers. But we will be asking the council some searching questions.

What we can say from a quick glance at the report is that the council, unlike neighboring Leicestershire County Council, have not opted for a council tax freeze, which will at lead help mitigate against some of the cuts.

Regular readers of this blog will know that the East Midlands region of UNISON has been campaigning strongly for councils to better control their expenditure on agency workers and consultants. Whilst the budget proposals are obviously alarming - and need further analysis - it is pleasing to see the following sentence in the budget report:

"The Council will significantly curtail its spending on agency staff and external consultants."

A few councils, including Nottingham City Council, have started to take action on this matter now we've raised it - we need more to follow their lead.

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