Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Notts County Council accept UNISON's claim they will have up to £2m extra income

As part of a vigorous campaign to challenge the savage £33m of cuts at Notts County Council, UNISON wrote to the Chief Executive raising a number of issues in the council's budget proposals.

One of the issues was the council's failure to take any account for the increase in council tax revenue from the simple fact that more houses would be built in Notts over the next year.

Today the Nottingham Evening Post reported that the council would receive up to £2m more income that they had expected and this was only revealed after UNISON had written to the Chief Executive. Although the council accepted they would receive more income, ominously the report in the paper said:

"Council bosses say no decision has yet been made on what the council might do with the cash."

Now we've shown them that they will have up to £2m extra income it remains to be seen if they will use the money to protect vital services for the vulnerable. You can be sure we will be pressing them to do the right thing.

Watch this space for more news.

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