Monday, 8 March 2010

Million Voices campaign steps up a gear

UNISON’s Million Voices for Public Services campaign has stepped up a gear. There is a revamped website here, which shows you how and where service cuts could affect your locality. If you’ve not signed up please do.

Over the next few weeks the union will be raising the profile of public services and the people who work in them with the following:

- an online 60 sec short film

- TV ads

- Newspapers ads

- A campaign using social networking tools

Dave Prentis, UNISON General Secretary, said:

    "Public sector cuts are looming large, and UNISON's new ads shine a light on the story behind the facts and figures. The human cost of cuts is people left without vital services. Emergency call centre operators, forensic experts, hospital porters, nurses and social workers all provide the services people need and rely on. Why should hard-working people pay for the recession when the bankers who caused this crisis are still getting billion pound bonuses? It is not right that services are being axed when the super-rich can bend the rules and avoid paying their fair share of tax.”

He went on to say:

    "Projecting an alternative future without essential public service workers, brings to life the reality of cutting public services. In the latest stage of the Million Voices campaign, UNISON is calling on the public to join us in standing up for local services, to make the politicians think again about the consequences of making cuts."

To find out more about the film, TV ads etc click here. To sign up to the Million Voices campaign click here.

Public services

Don’t wait until they’ve gone to defend them.

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