Monday, 22 March 2010

Nottingham City Council cuts

Nottingham City Council agreed their budget a few weeks ago. In it they made over £18m. The cuts were wide ranging but they included cuts to some of the most vulnerable in our communities, including cuts in adult services, reduced staffing in the deaf team, and reductions in the services for people with learning disabilities.

The council will also be closing the Riverside Residential Home in Bulwell, introducing a £2 charge for all day centre users and increasing charges for transport and meals.

The branch were determined not to let the council get away with these cuts without a fight and had a rally outside the Council House in the Market Square that was well attended by UNISON members and service users.

Council cuts are hitting the most vulnerable the hardest.

Public services don’t wait until theyve gone to defend them.

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  1. "Proud"is the citys logo,but thier treatment of the vunerable in society and of city council employees is shamefull.keep fighting unison!