Monday, 29 March 2010

Who cares: Who Pays

UNISON has launched a hard-hitting report on the future for care in the UK, in light of the roll out of personalised budgets in social care. 

The report, written by senior academics at Bristol University, exposes the current underfunding of the system, which is leading to increased privatisation and plummeting standards, as care is sold off to the lowest bidder. UNISON is calling for more funding to tackle the demographic time-bomb, that will see care demand shoot through the roof over the next 30 years.

The report calls for a sea change in the way employment in social care is viewed, to increase recruitment and retention, and improve training and career opportunities. It recommends a boost in support for personal assistants, for them to be employed and regulated by local authorities, and help for people managing their own personal budget. 

The “Who Care: Who Pays” report can be downloaded here. Or you can download a summary of the main findings here.

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